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there's a fruitcake for everybody ♡

★ into the wonderland ★


I'm a unicorn lost in in the wilderness.


A 14 year old girl wandering in the forest of Wonderland. I'm clumsy, shorty,and a bit funny. I'm a so called "WEIRD" because of the things I happen to do. Nevertheless, i'm friendly. It just so happen that i'm one of those shy type persons in this world. I'm a person who can't control myself from being a freak no matter what reason it is. I love myself as much as I love green.
The random me loves Music; A treatment which kills boredom :/ A sophisticated manga reader whose depressed when it's tragedy, who blush when it's romance, who cries when it's drama.
I do things normal humans do. I eat, I drink, I sleep, I breath. I'm a human who needs Oxygen wherever I go. I love earth as much as I love chocolates.

//And I got busy so here I am, coming back hoping that the people I mingled with are still alive.